Northport Marine Storage

Sales & Service P.O. Box 824
Au Gres, MI   48703

Phone:  989-876-8931


visit Northport Marine website at:


2 miles Northbound of Au Gres on US-23
(look for the big blue buildings)  


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I guess it's fair to say that Northport Marine is the sister company of Inland Marine. Bill and Mike Horton are owners of Northport Marine. Northport specializes in state of the art boat storage solutions including HEATED STORAGE.


  • Heated Storage available for boats up to 48'
  • Dry dock storage for the boating season (rack storage) This is the ULTIMATE in summer boating convenience.
  • Inside and Outside Summer/Winter Storage
  • Complete Gel-coat Restoration services
  • Anti-fouling bottom painting, blister repair and barrier coating
  • Over 160,000 sq. ft. storage area completely fenced and with yard lighting.   
  • Modern equipment: 12k fork lift;  30k Marine Travel lift
  • Winterizing and shrink-wrap services available


Northport Travel Lift

The racks below are used in dry dock services. Northport Storage Racks


Dry Dock IN-SEASON Storage

The Ultimate Boating Experience it's a nice're down state or out of state but would like to come up to God's country and enjoy the beautiful lake and well...maybe get your feet wet off the back of your boat! You might live close by and just want the convenience of Dry Dock Service.


Either way, we offer the ultimate of boating convenience! A call ahead to Northport Marine will put your boat at the "long dock" and it will be ready and waiting for you when you get there...dry, clean and turn key ready. When you are done boating for the day return it to where you picked it up and hop in your car and return to home or cottage. No fighting canvas, mooring covers or fighting to get it straight on the trailer! Don't you agree? Boating doesn't get much better than this!



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